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A New Look for 2013

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For the New Year, it seemed a good time to make changes to the website. Justin Heim created the new header, logo and icon for the site! These can also be seen on the HealthAware Facebook page and on Twitter  as @Healthaware_org and at HealthAware at 


I’m also trialling hyperlinks (like on the En Español page). Feedback is welcome!


Congratulations to my collaborators in Spain, they have received an award for their April Netvibes page on Safety and Occupational Health!

In other news, on Friday, May 4th, I will be presenting at the Intelligent Information Symposium in Sydney, “How HAPIness Happened!” the story about how this project has developed from an idea to a reality and the international collaboration that has been such an integral part of it. The presentation is now viewable on Slideshare!

Included in the presentation will be a video from another collaborator, Guus Van Den Brekel about our first international project, MeLoW (Medical Librarians of the World) a Google + project.

New Pages!

After consulting with friends, colleagues and fellow librarians, it was decided that HAPI should have pages for countries to make finding events easier. Click on the tabs above to access, or follow the links given below.

So on a trial basis, I am pleased to announce that there is now a page for Australia and for Spain! The Spain page is in Spanish with links to information in Spanish.

A big thanks for the effort from a group of medical librarians in Spain, and especially to Juan Medino Muñoz for coordinating the information for Spain. Please have a look at their site:

If you would like to collaborate on a page for your country, please leave me a comment with your name and the country, and your e-mail contact information.

Looking for contributors

I am looking for contributors to this site, who can speak/read other languages so I can add health awareness information for France, Germany, Italy, and other countries to this site.

Please respond and leave me your e-mail address and which country you can help with.

Your contributions will be acknowledged.

Pinterest? Yes!

Yes, I have created 13 ‘boards’ for Health awareness, called “Healthaware”.

I have collected images that correspond to health awareness events. There is a board for each month and one General board for items that do not specifically correspond to a specific month event.

If you know of other images that are appropriate for this board, please let me know!

Have a look here: will need to sign up (free) if you want to create your own board.

HAPI now on Twitter!

You can now follow HAPI (Health Awareness Project Information) on Twitter.

Follow at @Healthaware_org

Or look for the hashtag #HAPI

Updates on Twitter will be more often than here.

Thanks to the 81 followers that joined in the first 24 hours!

Zdravlje = HEALTH in Serbian

I’m pleased to say that I will be adding the health awareness events from Serbia!

Zdravlje = HEALTH

March is the National Month Against Cancer:  Nacionalni mesec borbe protiv raka.

Calendar of events (in Serbian, Hungarian and English): from this page, click on Current Events or  Aktuelna dogadjanja for this year’s events.

 The rest of the Serbian events this year will be added to the global calendar that I publish here.

So far this year they observed World No Tobacco Day on January 31st, or as they say it in Serbian “Nacionalni dan borbe protiv duvanskog dima” the second video on this site is about that promotion.

I’d like to acknowledge and thank fellow Medical Librarian, Ana Ivkovic for finding these for me.

The challenge is on now, what other countries have health awareness events that can be added to this site? Please use the form at the top of the page to send me additional events. If the event is not in English, please include translations.

New icon and now HAPI is on facebook!

Thanks to Guus Van Den Brekel, there is now an icon for this site!  The icon will also be used for the mobile app that is now under development and is being used on the Facebook page.

To find the Facebook page, type Healthaware into the search bar.

Please have a look, tell your friends and family! Spread the awareness!

New domain!

Big news! This site now has it’s own domain!

I’ve enjoyed putting together all the awareness events for others to use.  It’s been an interesting project.

There are a lot of health issues that need attention.

The next step must be a global approach. I will be adding health awareness events from more countries.

And in different languages!

If you have access to health awareness events in other countries (besides Australia, Canada, UK, US) please consider contributing to this site. Also if you speak another language and would like to contribute, please let me know.

HAPI – Health Awareness Project Information: 2012

This blog has been created to assist anyone who is interested in those special days/weeks/months of health awareness.  I have searched worldwide to include relevant information for Australia, Canada, UK, USA and Worldwide events.

Each month will consist of 2 publications, one for the monthly awareness and one for the days and weeks.  There may occasionally be an additional publication. Please feel free to follow, repost or forward to friends and colleagues.

A link to a calendar with all the events will be available when it is complete. [Note, after looking at the statistics of how often the calendar was viewed, and considering how long it was taking each month to update, it has been decided to remove the calendar. Sept. 2012 BH]

If you know of others, please comment and include a link to further information.

I hope you will find these helpful.

Coming soon: January