HAPI – Health Awareness Project Information: 2012

This blog has been created to assist anyone who is interested in those special days/weeks/months of health awareness.  I have searched worldwide to include relevant information for Australia, Canada, UK, USA and Worldwide events.

Each month will consist of 2 publications, one for the monthly awareness and one for the days and weeks.  There may occasionally be an additional publication. Please feel free to follow, repost or forward to friends and colleagues.

A link to a calendar with all the events will be available when it is complete. [Note, after looking at the statistics of how often the calendar was viewed, and considering how long it was taking each month to update, it has been decided to remove the calendar. Sept. 2012 BH]

If you know of others, please comment and include a link to further information.

I hope you will find these helpful.

Coming soon: January

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