Zdravlje = HEALTH in Serbian

I’m pleased to say that I will be adding the health awareness events from Serbia!

Zdravlje = HEALTH

March is the National Month Against Cancer:  Nacionalni mesec borbe protiv raka.

Calendar of events (in Serbian, Hungarian and English): http://www.zjzs.org.rs/index.php from this page, click on Current Events or  Aktuelna dogadjanja for this year’s events.

 The rest of the Serbian events this year will be added to the global calendar that I publish here.

So far this year they observed World No Tobacco Day on January 31st, or as they say it in Serbian “Nacionalni dan borbe protiv duvanskog dima” the second video on this site is about that promotion.


I’d like to acknowledge and thank fellow Medical Librarian, Ana Ivkovic for finding these for me.

The challenge is on now, what other countries have health awareness events that can be added to this site? Please use the form at the top of the page to send me additional events. If the event is not in English, please include translations.

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