The links listed on the monthly pages were found primarily by searching through Google, and other search engines. There were also many sites that I used to find the event names.

The events listed on this website include only the events that have a link to additional information about that event and the health condition. I have also made every attempt to get current information.

Here are the primary sites I used to find health awareness days in the following countries/regions. Please note not all sites have updated for 2014 events yet.

Australia (AU):

Canada (CA):

de Nederland (The Netherlands – NL):

Ireland (IE):

New Zealand (NZ):

Philippines (PH):

Россия (Russia – RU):

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (SA):

Szerbia/Србија (Serbia – RS):

South Africa (ZA):

España (Spain – ES):




My secondary sources include suggestions by other medical librarians, organisers of health awareness events and friends and family.  Many organisations are beginning to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote awareness.

Two-letter country codes are used for consistency and have been obtained from based on ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

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  1. With thanks! It is an very good web page!

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