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HealthAware – COVID-19

The April health awareness events will be late. I thought it would be useful to offer links to information about COVID-19 due to the current pandemic.  With each of these sites, please refresh after opening the webpage, for the latest data.

Australian Government, Department of Health

Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Covid-19 por Especialidades: [en español]

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:

Informatie over coronavirus: [In Dutch]

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center:

National Center for Biotechnology Information:

NHS Coronavirus information:

National Institutes of Health:

World Health Organization (WHO) database of research on coronavirus:

Additional information

Corona virus tracked:

Covid-19 Live Updates in US and Canada:

COVID LIVE, Australia updates:

History of Pandemics:

The Math behind social distancing:

Visual Capitalist:

WFAA timeline of cases in Dallas County, Texas:

WorldOMeter, data: