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A New Look for 2013

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For the New Year, it seemed a good time to make changes to the website. Justin Heim created the new header, logo and icon for the site! These can also be seen on the HealthAware Facebook page and on Twitter  as @Healthaware_org and at HealthAware at 


I’m also trialling hyperlinks (like on the En Español page). Feedback is welcome!

HealthAware Thanks you!

To go direct to the health awareness information for November, click here.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has visited the site this year! A special THANK YOU to the websites that have links to or mentioned HealthAware.

There have also been links from the Queensland Health Healthy Lifestyles website (intranet only) and QUT (intranet only). As of November 14th, there have been over 6000 views from 82 different countries! Behind the scenes, a special thanks goes to Christine Jacobs who helps me find links to the events.

If you’ve mentioned my site and I haven’t mentioned yours, please let me know!

News update

From July 2-6th I was in Brussels, Belgium attending the 13th EAHIL Conference “Health Information without Frontiers”

I was able to spread the word about HAPI, and received good feedback about the site. I also found many people from around Europe are interested in collaborating on the project!

Upon my return from Europe I found out that my application for the HLA/HCN Innovation Award was the runner up application. Congratulations to Sarah Hayman for being this years winner! (page 3).

Keep checking back each month! Besides the addition of health awareness events from New Zealand and the Philippines that were added recently (thanks to Christine Jacobs!), there will be new countries represented soon!