July 2013 HealthAware – Monthly events

Access to those special health events, all in one place! Australia (AU), Canada (CA), China (CN), Europe (EU), Finland (FI), Ireland (IE), Italy (IT), Malaysia (MY), New Zealand (NZ), the Netherlands (NL), the Philippines (PH), Russia (RU), Saudi Arabia (SA) Serbia (RS), Singapore (SG), South Africa (ZA), Spain (ES), Turkey (TR), UK, US and worldwide information.  Not every country has events every month.

June 2013 that continues into July

July 2013

A Pinterest Board has been made especially for July, with images for health awareness events that are on this month.

There is now a form you can use to add information you know of that I might have missed.  Click “ADD EVENT” at the top of the page and follow the directions. Thank you!

The health events that are for a day or week in July will be published soon.

All previous health awareness events for 2013 or for 2012 can be easily accessed by choosing the month on the right hand side of the page.

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